List of jihad attacks from around the world

Not all attacks are listed – information is mostly from
Data for each attack is sometimes pulled from multiple  sources

2019.03.02 ★ Karamah, Syria
A suicide bomber attacks a group of Religion of Peace rivals. (3 killed / 12 injured)

2019.03.01 ★ Bassirah, Syria
Four people at a water pump are murdered by ISIS. (4 killed)

2019.03.01 ★ Mogadishu, Somalia
Fundamentalists slaughter thirty civilians during an assault on a hotel. (29 killed / 80 injured)

2019.03.01 ★ Shorab, Afghanistan
A brutal attack by the Taliban on a local security base kills over two dozen. (23 killed / 15 injured)

2019.03.01 ★ Boulkessy, Mali
Al-Qaeda militants plant a landmine kills nine peacekeepers. (9 killed)

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